CallHeads Is Like Chat Heads For Your Incoming Calls


While Facebook mobile apps are terrible, they deserve due credit for bringing Chat Heads to mobile apps. Chat Heads is a floating window that will allow you to directly notify and reply you of any new messages from your friend on Facebook. Soon after Chat Heads was introduced, the idea was copied by many other apps and even an Android ROM – Paranoid Android.

CallHeads from developer maboe brings Chat Heads like incoming notifications for all your incoming calls, replacing that full screen intrusive notification.

Right now, when you receive and incoming call, a full screen notification will take over your whole screen irrespective of what you are doing. While this implementation was fine in the last decade, mobile phones and their usage have changed drastically in this decade. A full screen incoming notification can be very irritating, especially when you are taking a picture or playing a game. CallHeads will solve this problem by only showing a small icon on your screen when you receive an incoming call.


CallHeads will replace the stock incoming lock screen of your Android device, and instead present you with a small round icon with the display picture of the caller along with his name below it. To accept the call, user can pull the CallHead to the right edge of the screen. To decline the call, users will need to pull the CallHead to the left edge of the screen, while pulling the CallHead to the bottom of the screen will allow you to send a message to the caller.

You can easily continue taking a picture, while still receiving an incoming call, or finish that last 10 seconds of a race before taking that call. Like Facebook’s Chat Heads, CallHead can be dragged to any corner of the screen. The only time you will see the stock incoming call screen on your Android device is when the device is locked, which makes sense. CallHeads will only show up when your Android device is unlocked and you are using it.

You can download CallHeads for free from the Play Store.