Last Nail In The Coffin: Zynga Is Killing


Remember Draw Something? It was this wonderful, flash-in-the-pan game by the utterly charming developer OMGPOP, and had the misfortune of being such a success that it caught the evil overlord attentions of Zynga, who promptly bought the company, killed a game an ex-OMGPOP had privately made for his wife, and then ran the company into the ground, laying off the vast majority of the team.

OMGPOP’s practically dead now, and the only purpose the shell of the company serves is as a cautionary tale not to let Zynga touch anything good or wholesome, ever. There’s still more OMGPOP assets Zynga can kill, though: next up on the chopping block, Zynga plans to behad OMGPOP’s popular gaming portal website.

OMGPOP wasn’t always a mobile developer. Before Draw Something became popular on iOS and Android devices, OMGPOP was known for an online game network filled with cut time wasters like Cupcake Corner, Gem Rush and Snoops. Those games are still up, and still fun; in fact, back in 2009, TIME Magazine called one of the 50 best websites of the year.

Zynga, of course, is about to kill that legacy. Techcrunch reports that on September 30th, will be shuttered for good, “the final period in OMGPOP’s story.” Of course, that period could have been avoided. OMGPOP’s founders actually offered to buy back the company from Zynga. Zynga’s response? “Too much legal work.”

If there’s any comfort to take from this, it’s that given Zynga’s financial woes, it’ll likely be following OMGPOP into the grave shortly.