TuneIn Radio Update Brings Android 4.3 Compatibility & A Major Bug Fix


TuneIn Radio has received a rather interesting update bringing Android 4.3 Jelly Bean compatibility, and a much-needed bug fix to remove the constant notification that laid dormant in the notification tray.

The last TuneIn upgrade brought some minor Android 4.3 support, but it is safe to say it was riddled with bugs. It was clear that the app performance had suffered, but the latest update is said to “improve your TuneIn experience” most likely by improving the fluidity and transitions.

If you are unfamiliar with the persistent notifications which repeatedly occurred in the notification tray, here’s a little insight: the Android 4.3 update introduced a “bug” where some applications place persistent notifications in the notification tray. These cannot be removed.

This was an international “bug” which was designed by Android developers to draw attention to applications that were inappropriately running in the background without requesting a users permission.

TuneIn responded by adapting its background settings and pushing an update for its app, and as a result, the notifications have been removed.

Click the source link below to download the update from Google Play.