Google Play TV Shows Are Now Available In The U.K.

Google Play TV UK

Google Play TV is now available to use in the U.K., with individual episode prices starting from £1.89 ($2.87) for SD, or £2.49 ($3.79) for HD. Seasons prices vary depending on the program’s popularity as well as how many episodes it contains, with the cheapest starting at £4.99 ($7.59).

Just like Play Movies and Play Music, any TV content you purchase can be played on the Web, streamed to Chromecast or watched through the Android app.

There’s a wide selection of TV listings on offer, containing a mixture of both American and British shows, which include Doctor Who, Top Gear, Eagleheart, Night Stalker, Sons Of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, and many more.

There are even some shows that haven’t even debuted on Netflix in the U.K. as of yet. However, it’s not quite an iTunes competitor at the moment as it still lacks some major titles, but hopefully they will be added in the not too distant future.

To celebrate the launch of its service in the U.K., Google is offering pilot episodes of Justified, The Big C, and Battlestar Galactica (’04) completely free of charge.

Click the source link below to visit the British Google Play TV, where you can start browsing content and purchasing programs.