New Views Page On Google Maps Lets You Upload Photo Spheres

Google Maps View Homepage

For Nexus users who love taking Photo Spheres, Google just made submitting and uploading them on Google Maps a little bit easier.

Prior to this revamp, users could only upload the 360-degree images from their Android devices, but now they will have the option to submit and view Photo Spheres from the web as well.

The new UI for the desktop has been designed to make exploring user-submitted Photo Spheres easier as well. When you visit the web page, you are greeted with a large picture viewer displaying popular uploads, together with a world map exhibiting pins where the Photo Spheres were taken.

To submit a Photo Sphere from the web, simply click the blue camera icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen on the Google Maps Views page and you will be provided with a list of your Google+ galleries. Simply scroll through them until you find your auto upload folder — providing you have this feature enabled on your device, of course — then, select the Photo Sphere you wish to upload.

With recent improvements to the Photo Sphere capture software in Android 4.3 and this Maps upgrade, it looks like Google is taking the incredibly popular feature, which was introduced in Android 4.2 and works only on certain devices, pretty seriously.