The State Of The Fragmented Android Ecosystem [Chart]

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 4.12.17 PM

The above chart explains Android’s extreme fragmentation in a nutshell. Each block represents a device running the Android OS. The total number of distinct devices available for sale in July 2013 is 11,868, while last year the number was 3,997.

OpenSignal has a new report out on the state of Android fragmentation, and the findings are telling. “The [Android] operating system itself is extremely fragmented and has only become more so over time.” Only 37.9% of devices are running Jelly Bean. Eight past versions of the Android OS are still in use.

Despite the fact that Android’s overall growth has exploded within the last year, Samsung owns a whopping 47.5% of the market. Sony-Ericsson comes in a distant second with 6.5%.

It’s worth reading the entire OpenSignal report. The interactive graphs help break down the state of the market. Check it out at the source link below.