Photo Sphere Receives A Major Improvement In Android 4.3


Android 4.3 was announced a couple of days ago, and we are still discovering the enhancements and new features that this build has to offer. According to Google Maps, Product Manager for Photo Sphere, Evan Rapoport, the development team have worked tirelessly in order to make the program work better on compatible devices running the latest version of Android, and consequently a lot of the issues that were found in the initial software have now been eradicated.

In a Google+ post Rapoport explained the alterations that he and his team performed to Photo Sphere to enhance its 3D picture-taking experience and ultimately make the final product look even more gorgeous than it did before. The post can be read below:

First, alignment and stitching are much better, giving you more level horizons and fewer errors throughout the image. While environments with lots of moving things are always challenging, scenes like the one attached here with a long flat horizon are now much better.

Second, we’ve improved exposure compensation for each individual frame, producing a beautifully exposed photo sphere. You can compare this to the previous versions that produced gray areas and inconsistent coloring in areas of high contrast (near the sun, horizons, buildings against blue sky, etc.).

Consistency has been improved dramatically for colors eliminating many problems which occurred with gray areas, including erratic coloring in areas of high contrast.

There were also some minor bugs which transpired when photographing moving objects, which have now been rectified and improvements have been made to the code which result in stills of live animals being much clearer and precise.