Sundar Pichai Claims That The Google TV Isn’t Dead Yet


There has been some speculation since Google announced Chromecast from a number of Google TV users as they firmly believe that this is the final nail in the internet TV services coffin. However, the senior vice president of Google, Sundar Pichai, has high hopes for the service and is convinced that Google TV will evolve alongside Chromecast and neither device will substitute the other.

Google has officially pledged to update Google TV to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean later this year in an effort to increase its overall sales, this could be considered as either a tactical move or an act of desperation. Chromecast could potentially cause a lot of damage with regards to Google TV sales, considering how Chromecast pre-orders sold out within a couple of hours.

Pichai explained to CNET how he believes that Google TV will continue to grow and advance alongside Chromecast, and how he envisages both devices being able to work together to deliver a remarkable entertainment experience in the future; rather than the new, ultra-affordable Chromecast replacing the aging Google TV.

Google’s senior vice president also confirmed that Google TV will be getting some newer partners later in the year, which should contribute to increasing the units popularity.