LG G2 To Have A 2610mAh Battery [Rumor]

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A new rumor has surfaced claiming that LG’s much-anticipated G2 will be featuring a 2,610 mAh battery, tucked away neatly behind the handsets back cover.

We now also have confirmation that the mysterious rear-facing buttons will be replacing the traditional volume rocker, which is usually found on the side of most modern-day smartphones.


In terms of the actual devices description, alleged specifications predict that the G2 will feature a 5.5-inch full HD 1080p display, a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, and possibly a colossal 3GB of RAM.

An anonymous source also leaked a couple of images, one displaying the 2,610 mAh Li-ion battery pictured above and the other showing the front of the devices large screen, an extremely small bezel and virtual home, back and menu keys.


That’s all we have in terms of information regarding LG’s upcoming flagship smartphone for now, but all will be revealed in just under two weeks at its forthcoming August 7 event.