Google Play Movies And Play Music Apps Updated With Chromecast Support


Google has updated its Play Movies and Play Music applications on Google Play bringing the ability to stream 1080p video directly to a Chromecast unit, from a device running Android 4.3.

This update isn’t of much use at the moment as nobody appears to have been able to get their hands on a Chromecast wireless video-streaming dongle as of yet. However, in the near future millions of Android users will be able to stream their favourite films and tunes to their HD TV’s.

Google has utilized its 4.3 API to enable users to push full HD content from Android over-the-air to any Chromecast unit, and undoubtedly you will need a snappy internet connection.

The update also brings various bug fixes for both apps and an increased tap target size for context menus.

You can download the update for Play Movies by clicking the source link below, and if you wish to download the update for Play Music visit Google Play on your Android device.