Bitcasa Is Redefining Cloud Storage With A Whopping Infinite Capacity [Sponsored Post]

This post is brought to you by Bitcasa, provider of Infinite Drive storage.

Never need worry about disk space again. With Bitcasa cloud storage you can save, access, and share an unlimited number of documents, pictures, music, and movies from any device. All your files are encrypted locally and backed up in the cloud, so your data is always safe and secure. Free up valuable space on your desktop and mobile devices–and you will never run out of space.

Mountain View, CA company Bitcasa claims to be the inventor of secure infinite storage across all devices. With Bitcasa, users have one secure place to store, consume, and share their content from any Android or iOS device, all without ever having to worry about capacity or the need to back up. All files can be streamed or made available offline.

According to Bitcasa, the average household will increase its digital content from 464GB to 3.3TB by 2016. Simultaneously, the “Anywhere Consumer” is demanding capabilities beyond the traditional hard drive, including the ability to connect, share, and access content easily on any device without worrying about capacity constraints.

Bitcasa offers an intuitive new mobile experience with visual user interface that makes finding stuff or getting organized simple with an easy sidebar menu. Bitcasa has enhanced security, with not only client-side encryption but also users can  set a passcode lock on the app to prevent unauthorized access to their content on the device. To protect your files, privacy is guaranteed by encrypting everything on the PC before it reaches Bitcasa. Full backup and infinite file versioning also help protect your data.

Bitcasa has international localization for English-US, English-UK, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Japanese, and Korean languages.

Users can upload and manage their files from anywhere using their browser. Simply drag and drop any file right into a browser to start uploading. Users can also create and rename folders, and share full-sized photos, videos, documents, and entire folders directly from the web. Additionally, users can instantly stream their music and videos from the web without waiting or downloading. New performance and stability updates to the Bitcasa PC and Mac desktop clients have also dramatically increased upload speeds.

Bitcasa liberates your content by automatically uploading photos and videos from your phone or tablets to the Infinite Drive. Then from any device, users can create Send To Friend links to stream and share files of any size to their friends and family, whether they are Bitcasa users or not.

Compare Dropbox and Google Drive. While Bitcasa provides infinite storage capacity, Dropbox offers a maximum of 500GB and Google Drive 16TB. And with those services, more gigabytes equals more cost.

Infinite Storage is available for only $10 a month or $99 a year. Sign up here. Consumers can also enjoy 10GB of Bitcasa storage for free.