Sprint LTE Service Will Be Available In Brooklyn On July 30


Sprint officially announced that it will be expanding its LTE service to Brooklyn and The Bronx, which will be available for customers to use starting July 30.

In the same press release, Sprint announced that 4G LTE connectivity will also be available in Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens later this year. However, internal testing is already in full-swing, so you may already be noticing the odd LTE signal appearing on your device in the coverage indicator.

To add to the excitement, Sprint also reported that it will be bringing its 3G and LTE services to all 277 underground subway stations in New York. Coverage will be accessible in 36 stations in Chelsea, Manhattan and Midtown as early as next year.

Customers all over the U.S. are boasting about Sprint’s 4G LTE service, Bronx resident, Noel Perez, spoke out on the matter:

I’ve been a Sprint customer for three years and I am very satisfied with the service. 4G is great in my area – sometimes better than my friends’ (service) on other companies. 4G keeps up with everything I do from surfing the Web to streaming music from Pandora and streaming movies.

Sprint’s LTE mobile technology is capable of delivering mobile internet speeds more than 10 times faster than the standard 3G network and its great to see the carrier expanding, in an effort to complete its nationwide takeover.

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