Customizing The Share Menu Of Android [How-To]


One of Android’s key advantage is its ability to seamlessly share data from one app to another using the share menu. This basically means you can easily open one word file from Dropbox via Google Drive or QuickOffice or any other office editing suite.

The downside of this implementation is that the share menu can quickly get populated with unwanted apps, making it slow and browsing through it very cumbersome. Here is how you can customize the share menu, and add more advanced features to it.

Using an app called Andmade Share, we can not only customize the share menu to our liking, but also hide certain entries, or quickly perform certain actions using it.

1. Head over to the Play Store and download Andmade Share. You will first need to replace the Andmade share menu with the default share menu of Android OS. For this, you will have to use the Share option from any app.


2. When you tap the Share option, you will get a pop-up asking you to select between Andmade Share and Android System. Make sure you select Andmade share as the default option so as to completely replace the stock share menu of Android.


3. To re-order the items in the Andshare menu, you will need to select the Share option from any app. When the Andshare menu pops us, just drag any item from the list to your desired position.

4. To hide any app from the Share menu, you will have to start Andmade Share from your app drawer. Scroll down, and tap the Hidden apps option and then select the apps you want to hide from your share menu.

Apart from the above features, Andmade share also comes with certain other useful features. One of them is the ability to quickly and directly share data to apps that support it. For example, using Andmade share, you can directly clip a piece of text to Evernote, like you can do on Chrome or Firefox using plugins.

The Pro version of Andmade includes other useful features like the ability to share to multiple apps at once, Fast share to Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, group several apps into one and much more. You can buy the Pro version of Andmade share from the Play Store for $1.99.