Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Previewed In Leaked Copy On Nexus 4 [Video]

Google is expected to unveil Android 4.3 Jelly Bean alongside some new hardware at a media event next Wednesday, and 4.3 has leaked out into the wild yet again. Android Central got its hands on the upcoming software by means of the Nexus 4. Android 4.3 was recently spotted on a Galaxy S4 as well, and this looks like the same (or a very similar) build.

Since this isn’t a major Android release, the changes aren’t exactly jaw-dropping. But there are a few features worth noting, like low-energy Bluetooth support and OpenGL ES 3.0. There’s a new ‘always-on’ option for Wi-Fi-based location services. The camera app has been redesigned, and there’s a new call dialer that intelligently suggests phone numbers while you type. During testing, it was noticed that 4.3 “much improved touch sensitivity to the Nexus 4.”