Google Glass Apps Could Be Distributed Via Google Play In The Not Too Distant Future

HEADER Glass Play Store

Since the Explorer launch of Glass, Google has distributed all Glassware through a separate service it specifically set up for downloading apps, which are compatible with the device. Explorers sign into the MyGlass website which enables them to browse and activate new Glass apps, and now it looks like the team at Mountain View HQ are looking to supply apps via the Google Play Store.

Google has redesigned the Play Web-Store, and some Explorers have noticed that their Glass units are showing up under their device list when they proceed to download an app.

Prior to the redesigned UI, the device list did not include any users’ Glass units, so this is definitely a new and recent change. This really doesn’t mean too much at the moment as there is no known way for developers to upload their Glass apps to the Google Play Store or for Glass Explorers to download them from the same source as of yet, but it sure looks like we could be seeing this great new feature in the near future.

Until we know if this is a definite fixture, or if Google have made a slight hiccup in the code for the redesigned Play Store, Explorers will need to continue getting their applications from the Google’s MyGlass website.