Uber Adds Fare Splitting Between Passengers To Make Rides More Affordable


Uber is a popular car service that is on a mission to make taxis obsolete. It pioneered the idea of using your smartphone to summon and pay for a car, and now Uber has expanded to 35 cities and 14 countries.

Today Uber added a long-awaited feature. You can now split fares between multiple passengers with the app.

In the past, there was no easy way to pay for a ride that involved multiple people. The person who summoned the vehicle would have to pay and then ask for money from the other passengers. Now fare splitting has been made easy.

Fare splitting is here! Uber has always been social, but now our billing is too. The app’s newest feature lets you share the cost of your trip with other passengers.

After you’ve requested a ride, access “Fare Split” by tapping the arrow icon. You can invite friends directly from your contact list or enter their mobile numbers manually at any point during your trip. Once they confirm, we’ll take care of the math and split the fare evenly among everyone in your car.

You can download today’s update to the Uber app in Google Play and the App Store.