Moto X Features Revealed In Leaked Rogers Demo [Video]

Moto X Google Now

And still the deluge of Moto X leaks continue. Yesterday a leaked demonstration video from the major Canadian carrier, Rogers, appeared online showcasing many of the headline features for Motorola’s upcoming flagship smartphone. The video also reveals that the Moto X will launch exclusively on Rogers in Canada this August, and will be available to purchase in both black and white.

The video highlights the Moto X’s brand new constantly active voice command system. The demonstrator speaks to her handset when the device is idle requesting a weather forecast; the command is then processed and the forecast is produced instantly, using Google Now – directions and alarms can also be activated in the same way.

Android’s notification dynamic has been adapted to provide Motorola’s Moto X users with a new notification experience. Instead of a standard notification LED, which you’d find in many handsets such as the Galaxy S4, the Moto X pulses icons on the screen when its asleep, allowing the user to see which apps have notifications pending.

In the video, the camera app is activated with a double-twist gesture which presumably is another “always on” feature that allows you to toggle the camera at any time, regardless of which app you are in. The camera app is slightly different to the stock Android OS. On the Moto X users can tap anywhere to take a photo or hold on the screen to take a burst shot.

The leaked Rogers demonstration video can be viewed below: