Chrome For Android Update, Brings Fullscreen View On Tablets, Translation & More


Chrome for Android has received a pretty solid update, bringing you the ability to now view webpages in fullscreen mode on your tablets as well as your smartphones, built-in translation for websites in different languages and a new and improved interface for right-to-left languages.

The built-in translation is powered by Google Translate and works exactly in the same way as it does in Chrome for desktops. If you visit a website which does not support the same language as your smartphone or tablet, a notification banner will appear at the bottom of your screen asking if you would like Chrome to translate this page.

When fullscreen browsing is enabled, Chrome’s address bar will automatically be hidden when you start scrolling down a webpage, this allows the site to consume the entirety of your display (omitting the status bar, of course). If you would like to see the address bar, simply scroll up from the bottom of the screen.

This update also brings several improvements to the user interface for right-to-left languages, such as Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew.

The full changelog can be read below:

What’s in this version:

  • Fullscreen on tablets – Scroll to hide the toolbar
  • Google Translate – Look for translation bar when reading web pages in other languages
  • New user interface for right-to-left (RTL) languages, including Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew

If you wish to update your copy of Chrome for Android, click the source link below.