Google Play App Focus: Photography, Including Free E-Book & Notable Apps

App Focus Photography

Staff that work behind the scenes for the Google Play Store, regularly highlight a specific topic with a content promotion, and this time the team have chosen photography. This weeks Google Play app focus, enables you to download a free e-book from the Play Books Store, providing users with a great tool to learn the basics of “Android Photography” completely free of charge.

The e-book you will receive is called “Android Photography” by Colby Brown and consists of 104 detailed pages which teaches you the basics on how to control your devices camera, which settings to use and which angles to shoot from depending on the situation. The book even goes as far as to give you useful tips on which third-party apps to use to help you with your photography.

Google Play is supporting the e-book by offering a full list of 8 popular photography apps for “shutter bugs”. These apps include popular titles such as Camera Zoom FX, 500PX and Camera 360 Ultimate.

When you click the download button on the Play Books Store you may be required to set up a Google Wallet account as this is a necessary procedure to link the e-book to your account in order for you to access it from all of your devices.

To view the full list of popular photography apps click here, and hit the source link below to download the “Android Photography” e-book by Colby Brown.