TeamViewer QuickSupport Allows Macs or PCs to Control and Diagnose Mobile Devices



TeamViewer has been around at the App Store since 2010, when its first iOS app allowed users to remotely pilot a PC or Mac.

Now TeamViewer has pulled a pulled a 180; the company’s latest trick allows any Mac or PC user to remotely peer into an iPhone, iPad or an Android device equipped with their new TeamViewer QuickSupport iOS and Android apps.

Once the desktop user has been granted permission to log in to the mobile device, the desktop user can work all kinds of IT magic like calendar syncing, fixing email problems, change notification settings, neutralize malicious apps and troubleshoot connection issues (as long as the connection issues aren’t bad enough to prevent communication in the first place).

The IT operative can even take screenshots and scour system logs for sign of trouble.

Of course, you’ll also need the TeamViewer desktop client (also free) for either Windows or OS X, which enables communication between the PC or Mac and all TeamViewer mobile applications.