Popular ‘Life Steaming’ App Hang W/ Launches On Android

Hang W

The popular iOS live broadcasting video streaming app, Hang w/, has at last made its debut on Android; empowering you to hang with your favourite people and celebrities in live real-time video that’s captured on their phone and played on yours, from just about anywhere at any time for whatever reason.

In three months, Hang w/ has accumulated almost 300,000 downloads as well as over one million live broadcasts on iOS and now the service has been brought to Android users, enabling them to socialize and follow their favourite celebrities, such as Paula Abdul, Jamie Kennedy, Venus Williams, Cheech and Chong, Jessica Sanchez and Larry King.

The app has a gorgeous UI which features cutting-edge application technology that allows users to sign up as broadcasters to share 3 minutes of live streaming HD video. A spokesperson for MEDL Mobile makers of Hang w/, describes the app as “like a live video Twitter.”

The full application description can be read below:

Meet Hang w/ for Android! Now Hang w/ Timbaland, Kaskade, Terrell Owens and all your favorite people in live real-time video sent from one phone to many, from anywhere at anytime. Hang w/ gives stars a chance to Hang w/ their fans – and gives you the chance to become a celebrity yourself!

Click the source link below to download your copy of Hang w/ directly from Google Play.