Uber Offering $20 Discount If You Pay With Google Wallet


The popular worldwide taxi service, Uber, has announced a new offer encouraging its users to link their Google Wallet accounts to pay for their fares. Each new user will receive a $20 discount and existing users will be awarded a $10 discount for paying with Google Wallet.

This offer comes just weeks after Uber introduced the ability to sign-in with Google Wallet to its service, for those of you whose carriers block the Google Wallet app; you do not need it. All you need is a Google Wallet account which is linked to Uber, and it will handle everything itself from there.

Uber is a revolutionary mobile app which makes the actions of calling for a taxi and paying the fare as smooth as possible. You can use the app to request a ride with the tap of a finger, and watch your driver get closer to your location in real-time on the map within the Uber application.

You can grab your copy of Uber by clicking the source link below.