European Commission Approves Sony’s Acquisition Of Sony Ericsson

The Sony acquisition of Sony Ericsson has moved one step closer thanks to the approval of the European Commission. In case you hadn’t heard, Sony is in plans to acquire Sony Ericsson in hopes of creating a better more connected ecosystem for their products. Three months ago Sony paid €1.05 billion for Ericsson’s share of the partnership and we’re just witnessing the steps that Sony must forego before the acquisition can be complete.

The acquisition will be good for Sony and consumers, as it will provide complete connectivity between Sony’s TVs, tablets, and other products. As more manufacturers move towards a connected home, a company like Sony is at a great advantage (given their wide range of products). We see Samsung doing it, LG is starting to do it with their interest in Google TV, and I’m sure others will follow suit. Start saying your goodbyes now because Sony Ericsson won’t be around much longer.


via Android Central