Sony’s ‘My Xperia’ Service Is Now Rolling Out Worldwide


Following a limited beta for people based in Nordic countries earlier this year, Sony’s “My Xperia” security service for smartphones is now being rolled out globally. After listening to the beta testers feedback, Sony has finalized the service and expects it to be available within the “next few weeks” for all 2012 and 2013 Xperia models around the world.

The “My Xperia” web app enables Sony Xperia phone owners to locate and secure their devices in the event that they are either lost or stolen. By using the simple web-based interface, you can trace your phone on a map, sound an alarm – even if its set to silent mode, – lock it to keep your private information secure or wipe the device entirely.

The “My Xperia” web app is available to use right now and you can do so by clicking the source link below.