Duel Your Friends With Pigeons In Lucky Frame’s New Game, Gentlemen!


The fine folks at Lucky Frame (Bad Hotel, Pugs Luv Beats) have just announced a brand new game, this one coming to iPad and Android July 16th, with a desktop version for Mac and PC soon thereafter.

While there’s a definite shortage of pugs in Gentlemen!, there is definitely a surfeit of pigeons. This here is a frantic two-player game with a Victorian dueling theme, letting you go head to head on the same iPad or Android tablet. You’ll settle your grievance with bombs, knives, and (duh) deadly homing pigeons. You’ll need to find a balance of technique, cunning, and blind panic to come out ahead of the game, and win the duel. It’s two players, one screen, so if you’re lacking in friends, maybe get your pug to play along.

The team says they wanted to make a fast-paced two-player arcade game with an over-the-top hilarious theme, beautiful graphics, and a kickass musical score. Here’s a trailer to let you decide if they’ve done just that:

It reminds me of a bowler-hatted Joust-style arcade game made with paper cutouts, all set to a soothing, jazzy soundtrack. Lucky Frame has a reputation for quality musical features in all of its games, so I’m truly looking forward to hearing how they use sound in this one.

Lucky Frame is an award winning creative studio located in Edinburgh, Scotland that makes games, instruments, live performance systems, and musical interfaces for mobile games and art installations around the globe.

As for Gentlemen!, you’ll be able to get the iPad and Android version mid-July, and a Mac version later in the month.