Falcon Pro Update Brings Hidden New Feature To Keep You Tweeting!


Falcon Pro is famous for constantly running up against Twitter’s new API rules that limit the amount of users a third-party Twitter client can have. However, the app always bounces back, and this time the developers have devised an impressive new method to enable everyone to ‘bypass’ the 100,000 API limit and to be able to continue to use the extremely popular third-party Android app.

Yesterday developer Joaquim Verge announced that while Falcon had completely run out of user tokens, the application itself absolutely is not dead. If you still have a token through Falcon Pro, you’ll be able to use version 2.0.4. The latest version of the Twitter client isn’t available to download through Google Play, so you will have to visit Falcon Pro’s website and download the APK via the link.

If you don’t have a user token, don’t worry! You’ve got luck on your side, using a bit of imagination, black magic and initiative you can get things working and be browsing your Twitter feed using the brand new Falcon Pro app in no time at all!

We’re not going to spoil all the fun and tell you exactly how to do it, but if you can’t figure it out be sure to check out the Falcon Pro beta community on Google +.

If you wish to download version 2.0.4 of Falcon Pro, visit the source link below on your Android handset.