Google Glass Receives Web Browser And More Voice Commands

Viewing the web through Glass.

Viewing the web through Glass.

Google has announced some big additions coming to Glass via a software update. Project Glass continues to evolve as the Android-based platform matures each month.

This time around, Google Glass is getting a full-blown web browser for navigating links from search results. Tons of voice commands are also being added to magnify the hands-free experience.

It’s time for your Glass to get a little more awesome, again. Last month we improved the camera. This month we’re powering up the voice experience, taking our first steps on the web and helping you communicate better with the people you care about.

Voice commands like “ok glass, read aloud” and “ok glass, reply” work for incoming text messages. The same goes for answering phone calls. Another voice addition is the ability to share a picture with a specific person by mentioning their contact name.

In the past, Google search results displayed as a list of headlines in the Glass HUD, but now you can choose to view a full webpage in the tiny window. There are gestures for zooming, scrolling, and clicking on elements of page with Glass’s physical touchpad. Browsing on Glass probably isn’t going to be the best experience given the extremely limited screen real estate, but at least the functionality is there.

Project Glass members will receive today’s software update over the next couple days. Google Glass will be available to the general public sometime in 2014 if everything goes as planned.