Microsoft OneNote Updated With Support For Office 365 Notebooks & New Formatting Options


Microsoft has released a fairly major update for its OneNote for Android app, bringing several new features which contribute to a complete UI overhaul. Some of the changes include support for Office 365 notebooks, and new formatting options to make your notes as beautiful and as consistent as possible.

Homescreen widgets have now been implemented which will allow the user to take full advantage of OneNote’s quick text input, pictures and audio notes, without having to enter the app. In addition, a new tagging and search function has been introduced enabling users to find the notes they are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Microsoft now authorizes OneNote users to synchronize their notes with Office 365 and SharePoint, meaning that all notes will be accessible both on the web and on a mobile device.

The full changelog includes:

* New note formatting options and full fidelity viewing
* Support for Office 365 based notebooks
* Support for roaming “Most Recently Used” list
* Home screen Widgets with quick actions for capturing photo and audio notes
* Create audio notes
* Search

You can download or update the OneNote app for Android now by clicking the source link below.