Sony XTRUD Concept Enables Users To Perform Hardware Upgrades [Report]

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Imagine if there was an Android smartphone that let you easily upgrade internal components, replace broken parts, and personalize the overall appearance of the handset without buying a brand new handset altogether.

The Sony XTRUD, imagined and designed by Francois Rybarczyk, would allow you to do just that. Straight out of the box you would be able to tinker with your smartphone to your heart’s content, upgrading several internal components in an effort to create your ‘ultimate smartphone.’

The concept that Rybarczyk offers us is somewhat similar to what early Moto X rumors suggested, a handset that would feature fully customizable hardware. However, the XTRUD would go one step further, enabling the user to continue upgrading components as soon as new ones are available.

By allowing users to actually perform their own upgrades as time passes, the Sony XTRUD would have no problems in terms of running the latest software. If the components within the device are kept up-to-date it would be capable of running the latest version of Android.

XTRUD users would have the ability to change the color of their handset, although they would be stuck with the same overall phone design for years. Another great feature about this concept is that users would easily be able replace a broken or damaged part of their device. For example, if you dropped your XTRUD and cracked the bezel, you could take it apart and replace it with a readily available spare part.

According to the concept designs, the device would feature an easily accessible modular system which would let users swap out displays, batteries, cameras and even logic boards to newer versions. This is a great way to keep your smartphone up-to-date, without forking out for a new handset. The device would be made of either aluminium or plastic and would feature a thin profile.

Rybarczyk imagines that prices for the handset would start at $199 , presumably without a contract, although I doubt that OEMs or carriers would be interested in selling a device of this nature as they would lose out on a lot of smartphone sales every year, even though they could end up selling plenty of components.

To view the full gallery of the XTRUD concept images, designed by Francois Rybarczyk, click here.

This concept certainly sounds interesting but please note that this is only a concept and none of the features have been confirmed or leaked. We don’t even know if there is or ever will be a device like this in the making.