Samsung Galaxy Note III To Have A Flexible 6-Inch Super AMOLED Display [Rumor]


There’s a horde of Galaxy Note III rumors floating around ahead of the handset’s unveiling in the coming months, and the latest to hit the streets claims the device will feature a flexible 6-inch Super AMOLED display. Production will reportedly begin in August with an official launch date scheduled for some time in September.

According to the report, there are a few good reasons why Samsung would want to go down this revolutionary route with its next big device. Firstly, the South Korean company needs to make a significant splash in the market in an effort to make up for its poorer than expected Galaxy S4 sales.

Secondly, LG serves as a major threat as it is also currently developing its own smartphone with a flexible display.

Thirdly, Sony and HTC also have devices that are rumored to match up well with the Galaxy Note III coming out later this year, the Xperia Z Ultra and HTC One Max, both of which are expected to be high-end phablet devices, featuring a 5-inch screen or bigger.

And finally, the drive for innovation serves as a pretty legitimate reason too.

Remember to take all the above with a pinch of salt, after all its only rumors, but how awesome would it be if it turned out be true?