The Ability To Edit Microsoft Office Documents Is Coming To Chrome OS


Registered Chrome OS developers now have the option to start testing a major new feature for the operating system. After Google bought QuickOffice last year, the team at Mountain View have been working around the clock exploring avenues on how best to inject the code for reading and editing Microsoft Word and Excel documents in the Chrome OS.

The ability to edit commonly used file formats, such as ‘.DOC’ for Microsoft Word, will help Chrome OS-powered devices enter the mainstream line of word processing, desktop publishing, and spreadsheet software which in turn should enable them to be better equipped to compete with Windows and Mac OS powered devices by removing the potential software barrier.

If you’re a Chrome OS developer and wish to fully utilize the new document editing feature, type “chrome://flags” into your browser and look for the option to “Enable document editing.” After you have enabled that option you will need to restart your Chromebook. Please note that this feature is only in the testing phase, so bugs are to be expected.

We have no idea as to when this feature may make its way into the general release of the Chrome OS. With strong rumors of Google wanting to merge the Android and Chrome Operating Systems buzzing around this capability could end up on your Android device one day, in the not too distant future.