Intel To Speed Up Mobile Atom Chip Development


Intel has a real presence in the smartphone market, especially when it comes to Android smartphones, but its tendency to release just one or two mobile chips a year makes it a real slowcoach compared to its ARM-based rivals.

But according to new CEO, Brian Krzanich, things are going to change within the company, and we should expect to see more mobile devices using Intel processors in the future. Krzanich says that Intel is “evaluating” the schedule for future chips in the hope of improving its timing where possible.

The company really needs to give opponents like Qualcomm, MediaTek, and NVIDIA a real run for their money, and at the moment the only real way to do that is to increase the development of its mobile Atom chips.

Intel, still the world’s biggest chipmaker, continues to dominates the PC industry, but has been slow at adapting its chips to be suitable for smartphones and tablets — and there’s no time like the present to make the transition into researching and producing mobile Atom chips at an increased rate.

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