Google Play Movies & TV Update Brings A New Redesigned User Interface


Google has released an interesting update for its Play Movies & TV app, bringing a completely redesigned visual experience and a couple of new changes to the features this app already has to offer.

The first change that users will experience is the new navigation drawer, which is opened when you slide-in using your finger from the left to the right on the screen of your device. This feature provides users with a new way to navigate around the app and find the options they are looking for.

The navigation drawer is slowly being introduced to all of Google’s Android applications, and has been used for a while now in the YouTube and Google Play Books apps.

Using some of its search and prediction algorithms, Google has introduced a new Watch Now function which examines the shows and movies that you have been watching and predicts suggestions of new titles that you might like to watch now or in the future, based on your current history.

If you used the app to view your personal videos prior to this update, don’t worry, when at first glance you don’t see this option present. Google has relocated access to personal videos to the navigation drawer menu, instead of the main screen.

The update is available to download today and is being rolled out in stages. If you want to see if the update is ready for your device click the source link below.