Buzz Launcher Design Competition With Prizes Worth Up To $10,000


The popular Android homescreen launcher, Buzz Launcher, has kicked off a new competition to help continue the growth of its product. The app’s developers are sponsoring a contest for designers and users (dubbed Buzzers) to design, rate, and share their favourite homescreen designs.

The ability to share, rate and install homescreens is the main feature that sets Buzz Launcher apart and makes it much more appealing than other launcher apps. Unlike most others, if you find someone who has created a homescreen you really like, instead of having to go through the hassle of manually replicating it, you can just log on to the Buzz Homepack Service and instantly download the homescreen.

The contest is open to both users and developers. The bulk of the prize is money, $8,000 to be exact, is available to designers for their homescreen creations in the following categories:

  • Grand Prize – $5,000 and design will become part of Buzz Launcher‘s default Homepacks
  • Buzzer’s Favorite – $1,000
  • Most Trendy Design – $1,000
  • Most Practical/Functional – $1,000

If you dont have any creative abilities when it comes to developing homescreens and you’re not a developer, don’t worry! you still have an opportunity to win some cash just by sharing your favorite homescreens. Up to $2,000 will be made available to end users who record the most ‘shares’, with prizes of $300 being awarded to the top 3 sharers.

The contest starts today and will run up until July 15, 2013, winners will be officially announced on July 22, 2013.

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