AT&T Offers Up To Half Off On Mobile Phones With Trade In

AT&T Store

With Best Buy and even Apple itself offering deep discounts on iPhones, it seems like everyone is getting into the act. AT&T just announced a plan to offer users a trade-in plan for up to fifty percent off online or in-store purchases of mobile devices like the iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, or HTC One when an older phone is traded in towards the purchase.

The trade-in handset must be recent–within the last three years–as well as in good working order, and users will need to qualify and sign up for a two-year contract with AT&T. It’s a limited time offer, of course, starting now and lasting through June 30.

The discount applies to new handsets between $0.99 and $199, so the largest discount you’ll get with a new contract is really only $100, but still: a hundred bucks off a new handset isn’t bad, right?

According to Technobuffalo, the discount will show up in the online shopping cart if you trade in an older handset online, but we’re unsure how AT&T makes sure users are legit.

Either way, it’s a decent deal, especially if you were going to get a new device soon, anyway. Just remember that the lowest monthly plan on one of these things is about $40 for voice and another $20 minimum for data, so the price of the phone is the least of your outlay.