Vine Update Brings Performance Updates, Facebook Sharing & More


Vine for Android received a pretty neat update on Friday night, bringing with it some much-needed performance optimizations, Facebook sharing, and the ability to clear your local cache.

It was clear from the beginning that some Android users were disappointed with the performance of the original version of this app — just a quick look through the reviews in Google Play reveals a mass of negative feedback. But after updating my version of Vine for Android to 1.1, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in capture and playback speed.

However, it is still rather slow and sluggish when browsing through your follower and following lists.

The full changelog in this release can be seen below:

• Search for users and hashtags
• Share to Facebook
• Improvements to capture speed, quality, and audio/video synchronization
• Clear cache option available in Settings
• Other bug fixes and UI improvements

The best feature, by far that comes to Android in this specific update is the ability to wipe your local cache. This erases any un-posted Vine’s from your devices storage, freeing up more valuable space for your personal usage.

To download or update your copy of the Vine app, click the source link below.