Get OmniPage Ultimate, The World’s No. 1 Scanning Software, And Save $400 Now [Deals]

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OmniPage Ultimate, the world’s number one scanning and OCR software from Nuance, is an incredibly useful piece of software that transforms papers, forms, and PDF files into documents you can easily share, edit, or archive on your PC. It allows you to manipulate documents into new formats without having to completely rewrite them.

Walk into your local software store and you’ll pay $500 for it, but thanks to Cult of Android deals, you can currently save a staggering $401 — that’s 80% — and get it for just $99. But don’t wait around, because the offer won’t last forever.

OmniPage Ultimate is universally compatible with all scanners — so no matter what you’ve got at home or in the office, OmniPage Ultimate will play nicely with it. It’s also amazingly accurate. We have scanned poor-quality fax files and PDF images and gotten completely clear, legible results every time.

Check out some of its best features:

  • Edit Directly within PDF Files
    Improved OCR engines deliver amazing accuracy for document conversion and archiving business critical documents.
  • Maintain Perfect Formatting
    Converted documents look exactly like the original and are easier to edit than ever before, complete with columns, tables, bullets and graphics.
  • Mobile Document Capture
    Capture text with a digital camera or iPhone®. Quickly convert your pictures to text documents with Nuance’s most accurate 3D Correction technology available.
  • Works With Any Scanner
    If your device can scan then it can work with OmniPage. Mobile scanners, desktop scanners, All-in-one and Multi-function printers all work more productively and with better accuracy using OmniPage.
  • Supports All Your Favorite Applications
    Supports the widest range of output formats including PDF, HTML, Corel® WordPerfect®, Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® (pptx) plus many more formats.
  • Convert documents in the cloud
    Convert documents stored in Windows Live SkyDrive, GoogleDocs, Evernote, Dropbox, and many more. Includes the Nuance Cloud Connector powered by Gladinet.
  • Batch Processing, Amazing Value
    Schedule large volumes of files for batch processing from folders or email with unattended automation for real time processing of documents.
  • Complete Forms Processing
    Convert paper forms to fillable and distribute electronically. OmniPage can collect data fromPDF or paper forms and export to a spreadsheet or database.
  • Built-in Automatic Redaction & Highlight
    Redact or black out confidential text or quickly locate information with highlights. OmniPage can recognize and automatically mark up your text based on a list of key words.
  • Recognizes Over 120 Languages
    Process, edit and store documents from anywhere in the world. OmniPage includes the recognition of languages based on the Latin-, Greek- and Cyrillic alphabets as well as Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

What’s more, OmniPage Ultimate is super easy to use, and it’s compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. All you need is a PC with a 1GHz Intel Pentium processor or better, 1GB of RAM, and 2.7GB of free hard disk space.

To take advantage of this incredible deal and get OmniPage Ultimate today, just click the button below. Remember, this deal is only valid for 12 days, so don’t hang around.