Dragon Mobile Assistant Gets Intelligent Driver Mode, Email Dictation & More


The popular third-party Android dictation app, Dragon Mobile Assistant, this week received a pretty nifty update that brings numerous new features, including intelligent driver mode, email dictation, and notification readback.

Version 4.0 brings the ability for Dragon MA to automatically detect if you’re in a moving vehicle, and then intelligently switch over to “Driver Mode.” There’s no more messing about with settings or buttons — it’s completely hands-free. You can even program your own customized wake-up command.

Users will be able to dictate their own command, for example ‘toggle DMA’ or ‘Pink Pop-Tarts’, then, when you say that command, Dragon Mobile Assistant will automatically switch itself on.

Dragon Mobile Assistant’s update also brings email dictation for sending out quick messages on the go, and you will now be able to enjoy improved readback functionality with the addition of notification readback for upcoming appointments, messages, and social network updates.

The video below was published on the developer of Dragon Mobile Assistant’s YouTube channel, and shows you exactly what the update brings and how the new features can be used.


If you’re a Dragon Mobile Assistant user or want to try it out, just click the source link below.