AT&T To Keep New Yorkers Connected With Solar-Powered Charging Stations


AT&T has announced a new pilot program that is scheduled to start in New York City called Street Charge, which supports cellphone users who are in need of some extra battery juice by providing them with solar-powered charging stations around the city.

The solar-powered charging stations will be set up initially in parks, public buildings, and other popular locations. They can be accessed and used by any cellphone user who is in need of some valuable juice, and they support almost every device you can think of, including the iPhone, Androids, and BlackBerry devices.

According to AT&T, the initiative is designed to help those in need of a renewable and innovative solution, as well as to allow people to connect through a common frustration.

The video below explains the Street Charge program and shows you exactly how it can be used to charge your cellphone.

Personally, I think the concept behind AT&T’s idea is superb and can only lead to a mass of positive feedback. However, the solar-powered charging stations could lead to an increase in cellphone theft. When your cellphone is charging on AT&T’s public charging station, it is on display for the whole world to see, making it extremely easy for a thief to steal your phone in a matter of seconds if you’re not concentrating.