Skype Makes Video Messaging Available To All On Desktop & Mobile


Skype has announced that it will be taking its new video messaging feature out of its “preview” phase and making it a permanent fixture inside its Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and desktop clients as of today. The feature will be available to all users with a Skype free or premium account.

The video messaging feature allows you record a video up to three minutes long and send it to friends on Skype — regardless of whether or not they’re online. It’s ideal for sending quick messages when you’re in a rush, and a more personal way to communicate with friends when they’re away.

Skype has published a demonstration video on its official YouTube channel showing just how simple it is to send a video message, which you can watch below.

As the video shows, you’ll first have to choose the contact who you would like to send the video message to. This can be done in two ways; if you’re viewing a contact’s profile, hit the ‘more’ option and select ‘video message’. If you’re already in a conversation, just hit the + button and select ‘video message’.

Then all that’s left to do is record your video message, and hit the send button.

If you already have the latest Skype app, there’s no new download or update necessary. All you have to do is sign into your Skype account and you’re ready to go.