Google Publishes 8-Minute Video Showing Google Play For Education [Video]


A lot was unveiled during Google I/O 2013, including a new section of Google Play primarily designed for education apps. Google Play for Education is a program designed to get Nexus tablets into education facilities and provide a dedicated app store offering education-based apps to fill those tablets with.

Last night, Google published a video aimed at developers to encourage them to develop apps to populate Google Play for Education. This is great to see, as most education facilities that use electronic tablets tend to use iPad’s due to the wide range of education apps on Apple’s App Store.

The newly published video shows a demo of Google Play for Education in full swing, which should look extremely familiar to most Android users. There isn’t much difference between Google Play for Education and Google Play itself, the only real difference is that it’s more child friendly.

If you’ve got 8-minutes to spare and you’re interested in Google Play for Eduction, be sure to check out the video below:

As the video shows, school administrators can test apps for free and if they like the demo they can purchase content in bulk. The school can then manage and deploy the purchased apps across all registered school tablets with a single click of a mouse.

It’s great to see Google branching into the education market, especially now that there’s a huge demand for affordable tablet computers in that market.