Could The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Be Coming To Verizon As The SCH-I435?

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An unidentified Samsung phone with the model number SCH-434 passed its Bluetooth SIG test this week, more than likely on its way to Verizon. All of Verizon’s Samsung device model numbers have started with SCH, we have also established that the device is on its way to North America. But what is this device?

Could it possibly be the much-anticipated Galaxy S4 Mini?

The Galaxy S4 falls under the model number SCH-I545, while its predecessor, the Galaxy S3 Mini, has a model number of SCH-I535. After analysing the model numbers, its easy to assume that above the 500-level model numbers are reserved for top tier devices, whereas below the 500-level would then be saved for mid-to-low range devices.

The Galaxy Note II is one of Samsung’s top tier devices, with the model number SCH-I605. Whilst the Samsung Stratosphere is one of Samsung’s low-to-mid range devices, carrying the model number SCH-I405 – both of which run through Verizon’s network.

The unidentified phone showed up with the model number SCH-I435, so it would make perfect sense for it to be the Galaxy S4 Mini. The purpose of Samsung’s ‘Mini’ devices is to provide the consumer with a more affordable and smaller version of its latest flagship device.