Google Gesture Search Update Brings Multilingual Support


Last night, Google’s Gesture Search app received a major update. The new version brings support to more than 40 different languages, although Google has not as of yet, officially published a list stating exactly which languages are supported at the moment.

Google Gesture Search is a very handy tool to have on your Android device. The app lets users draw letters and numbers on the screen, as the app starts searching through its contacts, bookmarks, music, pictures and other information, to provide the user with the information they were searching for in real-time/

With the addition of over 40 new languages, users can now search their Android devices in their native language. The update includes complex languages like Chinese with its extensive characters, Google claim that the app supports the entry of Pinyin initials to find results in traditional Chinese .

If you’re multi or bilingual, Gesture Search also supports transliteration between langages so a search written in one language should provide results from all of the users other languages.

Here’s the full list of changes and improvements to Gesture Search:

  • Searching multilingual contents by drawing native characters for 40+ languages.
  • Transliteration is supported for all these languages.
  • Pinyin initials are also allowed for Chinese.
  • More bugs fixed.

You can download the latest copy of Gesture Search from Google Play by hitting the source link below.