Popular RSS Reader Press, Updated With FeedBin & Feed Wrangler Built-In Support

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Press is one of the most popular RSS readers on the Play Store, and earlier today its rolled out a nifty little update that brings interface changes, in addition to the implementation of two new options for managing RSS feeds.

As most of you are now probably aware, Google Reader will shutdown on July 1, so it’s of paramount importance that RSS reader developers upgrade their applications to make them suitable for the execution of Google Reader.

The latest update for Press brings support for two popular RSS reader platforms, Feedbin and Feed Wrangler alongside the original Google Reader one-step login option.

Don’t go thinking that you will receive a Feedbin and Feed Wrangler membership free of charge just for using Press, because you couldn’t be more wrong. Both of the newly supported login options require a payment, with memberships starting at $2 per month for Feedbin and $19 per year for Feed Wrangler.

At this precise moment in time, Press only supports the three login options mentioned above (Google Reader, FeedBin and Feed Wrangler). However, the team behind Press indicate that Feedly support should be integrated before July 1st, and Fever is marked as coming soon.

The update also brings a new and improved user interface, which offers improved categorizing of feeds and some minor changes to clean up the user’s reading experience.

Just to reiterate, Google Reader will be shutdown as of July 1, so now’s the time to look for a new RSS reader and Press is a great Android based RSS reader to consider.

You can grab your copy of Press for just $2.99 from the Play Store link below.