WhatsApp Sees Record 27 Billion Messages Sent & Received in 24 Hours


One of mobile’s most popular messaging platforms, WhatsApp, hit a huge benchmark this week. Its creators took to its official Twitter account to announce that in just one 24 hour cycle, WhatsApp handled a whopping 27 billion messages. Yes… 27 billion!

WhatsApp reported that 10 billion messages sent from its users came through its servers on its way to recipient devices, and it had 17 billion messages received from other people to WhatsApp customers.

Those figures are a testament to WhatsApp’s incredible user base, which currently boasts a whopping 100 million users.

On December 31 2012, WhatsApp saw 7 billion messages delivered inbound and 11 billion messages going outbound, that makes for a total of 18 billion messages. 18 billion was WhatsApps’ previous daily record, exceeding its a record of 10 billion messages processed in August 2012.

Obviously, WhatsApp is by far one of the most popular messaging services for mobile devices, largely due to its incredibly large cross-platform support. Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone users can install WhatsApp and send and receive unlimited messages, pictures and videos completely free of charge.

Looking back, it’s amazing just how far WhatsApp has come. In December 2012 it had processed 18 billion messages in a 24 hour cycle, and now in June 2013 they processed 27 billion messages in a 24 hour cycle. That’s almost an increase of 40% in just 6 months.