Google Music Update Brings Reduced Data Usage, New Bandwidth Settings


If you’re a Google Music subscriber who listens to a ton of tunes, you may be shocked at how the application gobbles up data like there’s no tomorrow. But not anymore! Google has pushed out a new update for Google Music that brings new bandwidth settings and overall reduced data usage.

The Google Music update brings a new setting that enables users to control the app’s bandwidth usage over mobile networks, which is extremely useful if you’re on a contract with a data restriction where you encounter a charge if you go over your limit.

Google has also made some changes to the Google Music app itself, which promises to reduce data usage overall. The update for Google Music also brings increased speeds of on-device music downloads, meaning it is much snappier.

Unfortunately, the update is under a staged rollout, so it’s not available to everyone at this time. If you haven’t already received it, then, you should do pretty soon.

Here’s the complete list of changes in this release:

  • Keeping music on device now much faster
  • New setting for mobile network bandwidth usage
  • Search quality improvements
  • Reduced data usage overall

To see if your eligible for the update now, be sure to hit the source link below.