T-Mobile Teases New Water-Resistant Smartphone, But What Is It? [Video]


“What if your smartphone could do this?” That is the title of the latest video published by T-Mobile U.S. on its YouTube channel yesterday. In the video we see footage from a smartphone as it follows a diver into a swimming pool. Pretty impressive, but what device is that?

T-Mobile hasn’t said what the device is at this stage; all we know is that it’s a water-resistant smartphone. The carrier is promising more information about the device later today, which suggests that it’s likely to be preparing for a Galaxy S4 Active announcement, which was just announced by rival AT&T.

The Sony Xperia Z is also rumored to be heading to T-Mobile in the very near future, so there’s a chance it could be that, too.


The video doesn’t show much. In fact, all it shows is a man diving into a swimming pool whilst the smartphone records the whole experience.

What smartphone do you think recorded this video, the Galaxy S4 Active, the Sony Xperia Z or maybe even something else? Let us know your thoughts below.