iLuv’s New MobiAria Bluetooth Speaker Sounds Like It’s Ridiculously Easy to Pair



I never make snarky remarks about gadget’s name (well, almost never). It’s tough enough being a marketing guru — what with the treacherous task of having to choose font colors for product brochures or painstakingly constructing diabolical puzzles that keep the purchaser occupied for hours as he tries desperately to separate the gadget from its box — without some jerkwad tech blogger jeering at you.

But if there were a product I’d wince at and say “really?” when I looked at the name, it’d probably be the MobiAria (but I won’t. I won’t!)

The unusual feature of the Bluetooth-equipped MobiAria is its “One Touch” Bluetooth/NFC pairing mode, which, iLuv says, makes it much easier to pair than through just plain ‘ol Bluetooth. The speaker even has voice prompts to walk you through the pairing mode — no doubt perfect for the completely tech-illiterate. Of course, your phone needs to be equipped with NFC to be able to use the special pairing feature — otherwise, you’re stuck with having to do the old fashioned, Bluetooth-only way.

Nods to style and function include backlit, touch-sensitive controls and a USB port for charging devices.

The MobiAria is $199 and available now.