Free Collaboration App Moxtra Comes to Android, Adds Big Features on iOS Side



Moxtra makes it easy for a team with members spread all over the country (or globe) to collaborate on the same project. Media and documents can be stored in Moxtra’s “binders,” which can then be annotated with drawing tools, voice recordings or screencasts — even in realtime. Up till now, the free app has only been available on iOS, but earlier this week it finally arrived for Android.

On the iOS side, Moxtra gets some shiny new features.

Big new features for the iOS app include integration with Google Drive (which builds on already-existing integration with Evernote and Salesforce) and the ability to print from your iOS device over AirPrint.

The Android version is still in beta, so it doesn’t have the full feature set of the iOS version; it looks more like Moxtra did when it first launched on iOS, without any of the third-party integration — but it’s there.  And if Moxtra’s speedy update pace in the past is anything to go by, the app should be going full-tilt fairly soon.