A Facebook App and Three New Nav Apps for Parrot’s Asteroid Car Audio Line


image courtesy of Parrot

In keeping with their promise to make more apps available for their Android-based line of Asteroid car audio head units, Parrot has added four new apps to the Asteroid’s library: Three navigation apps — including a TomTom app — and a Facebook app.

The other two navigation apps are the free, crowdsourced Waze app and NavFree, which is based off the fabulous open source OpenStreetMap, and also (obviously) free.

Pricing for the TomTom app is about the same as the iOS and Android apps; the North America map, for instance, which includes Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, is $80. The U.S.A.-only map can be had for $48.

Parrot will still bundle the iGo navigation app with their Asteroid Tablet and Smart models for free, but the new apps add some welcome options (note that the Asteroid Classic and Mini don’t get to use the new navigation apps, just the Tablet and the Smart).

The new Facebook app, which is available for all four models, doesn’t do much that your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy can’t. It doesn’t do text-to-speech, and some of its functions are (thankfully) locked out while the car is in motion.

There’s also a firmware update for the Smart and Tablet, required before installing any of the new nav apps.